Saturday, 24 March 2018

Masala Spiced French Toast and Green Chutney

Bread is the most wasted food in the UK with 24 million slices ending up in the bin every day! This is ludicrous level of waste could easily be resolved if we each wasted three fewer slices a week. As a part of the #MakeToastNotWaste campaign by Love Food Hate Waste this is my take on what to do with leftover bread. 
In fact this works really well with stale bread as it absorbs more of the delicious French toast mixture than fresh bread. Alternatively freeze any extra bread and defrost as required for this recipe. 
This spiced take on the classic works well for brunch or a light lunch, perfect with a nice cup of tea. The green chutney is a zingy accompaniment that cuts through the richness of the French toast and is a perfect way to use up every last bit of any fresh herbs you have knocking about as it also uses the stalks. Enjoy!

Ingredients (1-2 portions):

Spiced French toast:

·         2 slices of leftover bread (ideally thick sliced bread makes better French toast)
·         2 eggs
·         4 tbsp of milk
·         ½ tsp of ground garam masala
·         ½ tsp of ground turmeric
·         ½ tsp of hot chilli powder
·         Large pinch of fine sea salt
·         Sunflower oil
·         Butter

Green Chutney (works better with softer herbs):

·         Hand full of coriander leaves and stalks
·         Hand full of parsley leaves and stalks
·         1 green chili
·         Coarse sea salt to taste
·         1 lime


1.   For the green chutney; blanch the herbs for a couple of minutes in a pan of boiling hot water, drain then transfer to ice cold water to stop the cooking process. This will act to soften the herbs and especially their stalks.
2.      Drain and chop quite finely on a chopping board.
3.      Transfer to a pestle and mortar; add a pinch of coarse sea salt, juice of half a lime and half a green chilli thinly sliced.
4.      Mixed well until you have a bright green chunky sauce.
5.      Adjust salt, lime and chilli to taste.
6.      For the French toast; combine the eggs, milk, salt and spices in a bowl so that all ingredients are well mixed.
7.      Transfer mixture to a large shallow bowl or large rimmed plate.
8.      Set a frying pan over a medium heat add a glug of sunflower oil and knob of butter to the pan.
9.      Dip the slices of bread into the French toast mixture, make sure they are well coated but not so much that the bread falls apart!
10.   When the butter is beginning to bubble place the dipped bread into the pan.
11.    Cook for 3-4 mins on each side or until each side goes golden brown.
12.   Transfer to a plate and get stuck in!

·     I cut the French toast into triangles and arrange them around the edge of the plate. Season with coarse sea salt and hot chilli powder. Then finish with some coriander leaves and chopped chillies scattered over the top. Serve the chutney alongside in a little dish.
·    If there is any remaining French toast mixture then carry on cooking off any bread that you still have.
·       The above recipe doubles easily if more quantity is required.

For more information on helping reduce food waste please check out the good work over at Love Food Hate Waste 

Friday, 9 March 2018

Welsh Cake Ice Cream with Salted Honey Sauce

Inspired by the Italian influence on Welsh life, culture and of course food I decided to make my own ice cream in homage to the great ice cream producers of Wales such as Joe's, Sidoli's, Mario's and Conti's to name a few. These names are synonymous with quality ice cream and therefore with making people happy as everyone loves ice cream!

This recipe is very straight forward, does not require an ice cream maker and the pay off is well worth the little effort it takes to make. It tastes brilliant with subtle hints of cinnamon and nutmeg wrapped in a deliciously smooth and creamy ice cream with glorious chunks of welsh cake in it waiting to be discovered. The salted sauce adds another layer of indulgence and really sets the whole dish off, the salt providing a nice flavour counterpoint. This makes a delicious yet simple dessert. Try it!

Welsh Cake Ice Cream - easily makes enough for 6-8 portions
  • 600ml double cream
  • 200ml of condensed milk
  • 4-5 Welsh cakes - crumbled but not too much you want to keep some sense of texture
  • ground cinnamon - 1/2 heaped teaspoon
  • ground nutmeg- 1/2 heaped teaspoon
  • Vanilla Extract - 1/2 teaspoon 

Salted Honey Sauce 
  • 100ml Welsh honey
  • 1 tbsp water
  • 60ml of double cream
  • fine sea salt to taste

  1. Start with the ice cream, simply whisk the double cream, condensed milk, vanilla and spices together until you get soft peaks then fold in the crumbled up Welsh cakes. Pour into an air tight container and pop in the freezer over night ideally or make first thing in the morning if you plan on serving it in the evening. 
  2. For the salted honey sauce, place the honey and water in a sauce pan over a medium heat. The honey will start to bubble and turn a lovely dark brown (but not too much as you will have burnt it!). At this point remove the pan from the heat and pour in the double cream. You should end up with a golden coloured sauce.
  3. Add a pinch or two of salt (adjust to taste) stir in and allow to cool slightly and your good to serve.
Tip: take the ice cream out of the freezer 15 mins before you plan to serve it as it will be easier to scoop.

I like to serve this with some extra crumbled Welsh cakes and crushed up biscotti scattered on top for texture and a glass of Vin/Il Santo dessert wine!

Please do try making it and let me know how you get on! Until next time folks!