Thursday, 20 July 2017

Indian Summer

I've had a blast over the last few months doing as much as I possibly can to make the most of the amazing opportunities I've had since finishing on MasterChef. What I've lost in sleep I've gained in sheer excitement and realisation that I'm doing things that make me so very happy. In a word I feel alive! It's been a steep learning curve and at times I've felt a bit beaten up, but my journey is just in its infancy and there is still so much to do.

I'm very proud with what I have achieved with my first sold out series of supper clubs HOME. In total we raised £800 for worthy causes and the feed back from guests at the supper clubs has been brilliant! Not to mention some great reviews from the likes of Hungry City Hippy, Munchies & Munchkins and Soliciting Flavours. I'm so very thankful to my folks, my wife and the entire team at Pettigrew Tea Rooms for helping me make this happen, I could have not done it without them!

In between supper clubs I managed to sneak in a pop up at what I like to call my happy place Dusty Knuckle! Here I debuted my take on the much loved kebab! 

My take on this national treasure used the very best Welsh PGI Lamb Shoulder slowly roasted over night, shredded then crisped up in Dusty Knuckle's wood burning oven! This sat on top of a fluffy home made naan bread, mint yogurt spiked with cumin, topped with my signature chilli sauce, pickled onions and coriander! For the vegetarian version I crisped up slabs of paneer until golden in a spiced coating then served exactly the same as the lamb kebab.

Again a huge thanks here to Dusty Knuckle for letting me take over the place, Meat Promotion Wales for their backing, Martin Player for the lamb, Arbennig for letting me use their amazing ovens and Pettigrew Bakery for letting me use their facilities to make all my naans and for their help! I feel truly humbled to have such great support from some amazing people that I look up to. Thank you.

This brings us nicely to Indian Summer! Starting from September I plan to keep the summer vibe going well into October with a series of pop ups, supper clubs and events! All with the aim of bringing the heat and showcasing how my food is evolving and I'd love for you to be a part of it!

I'm very proud to announce that I will be kicking off my Indian Summer Series with Lost Lands Cinema on the roof of Jacobs market! I will be popping up there on the the 2nd of September serving up my lamb and paneer kebabs! 

The movie will be the almost cult status, feel good foodie film 'Chef'! A movie that I adore! The lead character's passion for food and the effect that social media can have are so relatable! I have to thank Lee aka Fuud Blog for lending me the DVD (ask your parents kids) way back when! I'm so glad he did as fast forward 18 months or so and here I am serving food at a screening of this brilliant movie! Crazy!

Tickets will be sold on a food, film and drink option where one ticket gains you entry to watch the movie and a kebab of your choice along with a themed cocktail (El Jefe Ticket) or a film only option where food and drinks can be purchased on the night.

Tickets on sale now! Click this link: Lost Lands Cinema 

I hope to see you all there!

More announcements due very soon......