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Shake Shack Cardiff - Review

There is no hiding the fact that I love this place. One of my tweets has even been used to promote the place in the most recent St. David's Eat Guide! I have had several meals here since this giant of the fast food world opened its doors last December (the first outside of London) and I have never been disappointed. So when I was invited to visit a couple of weeks ago to review it, I thought Christmas had arrived early. 

I'm not sure if it's the way they style their restaurant which is both highly stylised and yet still informal or the slick branding or their well trained staff, I just buy into it and then there is the food.
On this visit we ordered a Shack Burger (double) (£8.75), the special edition Yard Burger (single) (£7.50), a double helping of crinkle cut fries and a vat of Ice Tea and a Root Beer. 
The Shack Burger (double) made with 100% UK and Irish Aberdeen Angus beef is a double helping of their classic thin patty, stacked with oozing cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and Shack Sauce. We ordered onions and pickle with ours. 

This beast of a burger was Mrs Clonc's choice (she wants me to tell you that she was sharing it with Baby Clonc, but you and I both know he didn't get a look in!). This is a brilliant burger; well seasoned, succulent and oozing with cheese. The foliage doing their thing, the pickle bringing the tang and the oh so soft potato bun holding everything together. It just hits the spot.

The Yard Burger was on as a special when we went. The burger and bun is the same as the Shack Burger but topped with Neal's Yard Stilton and red onion pickle. Oh my, this was nothing short of heaven. The burger patty all gnarled at the edges is complemented by probably the loveliest Stilton I have tried. The beautifully creamy and subtle blue cheese is the star here. The red onion pickle does well to bring some sweetness and sharpness to cut through the whole thing. As burgers topped with blue cheese go, probably the best I have tried. Sadly both burgers were slightly over done rather than medium which they are supposed to be.

The other reason I like the burgers are their size, perfect to hold with one hand while grabbing a fist full of crinkle cut fries with the other. Ah those fries, delightfully retro, perfectly crisp and well seasoned. Perfect.

To finish we were keen to try one of their Concretes. Dense frozen custard ice cream blended with a variety of fillings. These tend to be specific to each individual Shack as well as a design your own option. We opted for the Welsh Cake Jam (double - £7.50) of which 5% of the sale goes to The Wallich; a charity aiming to tackle homelessness across Wales. The Welsh cakes are supplied by Fabulous Welsh Cakes who can be found in Cardiff Bay (well worth a visit to pick up a few dozen of their superb welsh cakes straight off the griddle). For the other concrete the lovely chap behind the counter recommended the current guest frozen custard flavour cardamom blended with chocolate and hazelnut brownie (£5.25). Of course I said 'yup'. 

Well needless to say they too were excellent: smooth, dense, rich and very, very filling. The Welsh Cake one was rather too sweet for me personally but the cardamom and brownie combo was right up my street. Warming cardamom flavour with indulgent chunks of brownie running through it. Gorgeous. 

To drink, the fifty/fifty iced tea (£3.25) was really refreshing and the large size is American size large! The root beer (£4.50) was just too medicinal and not for me.

Having Baby Clonc with us I can report the staff were great with him. There are plenty of high chairs and good changing facilities. I recently included Shake Shack Cardiff in my Child Friendly Places To Eat blog from earlier this year.

Had we been paying for our meal it would have come to £42.75 which may initially seem pricey but I believe what you buy is a quality product served in lovely environment. 

I set out my stall at the start of this review and after this most recent visit I am still very much a fan. 

All food and drink were complementary but this did not influence the opinion of the review.

Shake Shack Cardiff

Address: St. David's, Upper Grand Arcade, Cardiff CF10 2EF
Tel: 01923 555173
Twitter: @ShakeShackUK

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