Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Child Friendly Places to Eat - Cardiff Vol 2.

The school holidays are here! So I thought I would add to my original blog on child friendly places to eat in Cardiff with three more inclusions. You can read the original post by clicking here. The remit is the same as before; places to eat that serve delicious food in a great environment and are not stress inducing when dining with children. All my recommendations are places that I have been with my own family and all meet the approval of my son Baby Clonc (now 2 years old!).

The 'Curve Ball': Revolucion de Cuba

Yep, you read that right! Rev de Cuba is one that I wasn't expecting to be all that child friendly but actually is! Put to one side memories of potential drunken antics of previous nights out and try it. I especially recommend their weekend brunch menu (see what I thought of it in my full review, click here). Also at this time of day the place is a lot quieter and chilled so a good time to go with kids. There are high chairs and plenty of space for children to roam around. There is also a kids menu with a main, sides, drink and dessert for £5.95

The 'American One': Shake Shack

I'm a fan of this place. Awesome, moreish burgers with slick delivery in a cool setting. There are high chairs a plenty and very decent facilities for emergency nappy changes! Baby Clonc loved the crinkle cut fries and I loved the ShackMeister burger followed by a ShackBurger chaser. So next time you're in St David's 2 with the little ones try this place and avoid the queues at the well known chicken place opposite! 

Photo courtesy of I Loves The 'Diff

More info: www.shakeshack.com

The 'Pit Stop': Tortilla

Again this place came as a complete surprise. After struggling to find somewhere to eat due to the crowds at last year's Rugby World Cup we stumbled upon this diamond in the rough on Chippy Alley. This compact restaurant serves freshly made burritos and tacos to order. It's fun, quick and tasty (read the full review by clicking here). There are high chairs available and the atmosphere is totally informal. Great for a quick bite to eat before the dreaded hanger sets in!

There it is three more places to try with your kids during the holidays or whenever really. I hope to update and add to this list every so often but please feel free to leave a comment with a recommendation or get in contact via Twitter @kitchenclonc or my Facebook page Kitchen Clonc


  1. Would have thought an automatic entry here would have been Cafe Junior as its actually set up for parents & kids specifically!!

    1. Hi Andrew and thanks for the comment. The main aim for my post is to highlight places to eat with kids that parents might have gone to even before children but happen to be absolutely fine with children.