Friday, 2 October 2015

Lufkin Coffee

While ambling around my neighbourhood last Saturday I stumbled upon a little sign at the gate of 183A Kings Road in Pontcanna. This address happens to be the home of the renowned Pipes Brewery and is a little mews if you like in the heart of Pontcanna. It is home to a variety of businesses, studios a Dojo and now a new coffee joint.

I always like visiting 183A Kings Road, once you walk through the archway the hum drum and buzz of Pontcanna is dialled down as you enter this indie hub.

Lufkin Coffee has only been open for business for a month. Their pitch is simple, coffee beans are roasted on site in small batches then ground on site before your cup of coffee is made for you using the pour over filter method. This simplicity and transparency in what they offer is echoed in their refurb of this snug unit. It has been made to feel light, bright and bigger than it actually is. A real triumph.  There are some stools at the window if you want to sit in or have a seat outside if the weather is nice.

At present they offered 2 types of single origin coffee one from Nicaragua and one from Kenya. As I was actually born in Kenya this was a no brainer for me. Watching Dan prepare my coffee you can tell this is his baby. Such care and concentration as he pours the water over the coffee grounds that then drips into the cup below. The coffee itself was remarkably light and refreshing.

Speaking to Dan he expressed the whole idea of Lufkin coffee (apparently the name Lufkin means love) is to deliver a truly hand crafted coffee which incorporates some of the ethos from the slow food movement. Which brings me to mention that this place is the polar opposite of the generic high street coffee joint and that if you want Dan and the team to make you a hand crafted coffee you best not be in a rush.

So next time you find yourself in these parts why not take a stroll down 183A Kings Road, you never know what you may find.

Lufkin Coffee
Address: 183A Kings Road, Cardiff, CF11 9DF

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