Sunday, 25 October 2015

Child Friendly Places to Eat - Cardiff

With half term upon us I thought I would compile a small list of places I have enjoyed eating out as a family. Places that serve good food, in a great environment and that are not especially stress inducing when eating out with a child. Although Baby Clonc is 18 months old the places I recommend would be suitable for most children (depending on the child of course). 
The 'No Brainer': Chapter Arts Centre

This has been a firm favourite since Baby Clonc arrived on the scene and which we return to time and time again. The great open layout with light flooding in is a fantastic place for kids to roam about in. I love the feeling of space in this place, the diverse array of people there and the fact that no one even bats an eye lid if your kid decides to kick off. Food for both grown ups and a specific children's menu is good.  The portion sizes for children are excellent (dishes on the children menu will set you back £4.50) There are good baby changing facilities and parking outside if you can get it! I also recently noticed there is garden outside the main entrance with rosemary, lavender and even Figs! Essentially this is the place to go with minimum stress. Good food, good people, good times.

The 'Fancy One': Burger and Lobster Cardiff

If you could take 2 minutes to stop stressing about how expensive their burgers are and just listen up. This place is fantastic for children young and old! High chairs, check! Baby changing facilities, check! Cool lobster tanks, check! And now, with a the unique to Cardiff lunch menu that runs during the week, a little less pricey (see my full review of their lunch menu). 

The brilliant staff are more often than not happy to get a lobster out from the tank for your kid to see up close! I would have loved this as a kid! I love it now as an adult. In terms of food for kids, 2 burger sliders with fries and salad will set you back £10. Potentially some tasty left overs for parents to polish off. 

The ' Cool One': Wahaca Cardiff

I love this place and so does Baby Clonc. The tactile eating with your hands style of food is great for kids. Aside from the fact the children's menu priced at £5.25 it is excellent value for money (main and a drink included but ice cream is extra). Skip the ice cream and share a churros with the little one,  that is if you can bear to share it. 

Typical children's meal at Wahaca

Again all the basics are there, high chair and changing facilities. Not only that but kids get a free babychino! Only down side is it can get quite busy and the tables are tightly packed so go for an early lunch/dinner. (See my full review of when Wahaca opened in Cardiff)

The ' Adventurous one': Ichiban

This stalwart of the Cardiff food scene has been serving up excellent Japanese food for years. I've never had a bad meal at either of their restaurants and recently I've noticed that lots of families go there too. Granted the d├ęcor is dated but the sushi is excellent with service to match. I would probably avoid with young children as the facilities are not great but older kids who are a bit more adventurous with food should love it. I wish my parents took me for sushi.

By no means is this an exhaustive list but just a little something for those looking for inspiration. Food is my passion and I'm sure it's the same for many people too. I want to share that with my son by visiting exciting and imaginative places that serve up good food to both children and adults alike and not feel stressed out by the whole experience! So I hope the above helps!

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