Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Hang Fire Smokehouse and Pipes Brewery Collab.

Purveyors of awesome BBQ Hang Fire Smokehouse and craft beer maestros Pipes Brewery have joined forces to launch a new collaboration at their annual Pipes Micro Beer Festival.

Sam and Shauna from Hang Fire have joined up with Simon from Pipes to form the 'Triple Soda Co', producing a range of craft sodas made with all natural ingredients.

Shauna of Hang Fire said: "There seem to be so many unnecessary additives in the 'off the shelf' drinks. We wanted a soft drink that's as natural and local as our barbecue." 
Partner, Sam added: "It's been amazing fun developing new flavour profiles together and I can't wait to see what people think of the flavours."
Simon from Pipes added: "It's great when you can get together with dynamic people to make special projects like this happen. We plan on launching a full range in the coming year - so watch this space, as they say!"

Their opening offering is a zingy Lemon and Ginger Mash soda, which will be available for this weekend’s festival goers to get a first taste. People can enjoy it straight from the bottle, or renowned mixologist, Ericka Duffy, will be using it to create some innovative cocktails.

I personally think this is a great idea with so much scope for imaginative flavours like a hibiscus and lime flavour. It is also very inclusive of those that don't drink alcohol but do not want to be consigned to the run of mill soft drinks. Bravo ladies and gent!

Details on where and when the soda will be available are to be released soon via hangfiresmokehouse.com and www.pipesbeer.com

Tickets for the Pipes Micro Beer Festival have now sold out.

Images and details courtesy of Cowshed Communications.

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