Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Flour and Ash - Review

This review comes with a bit of a prologue. Essentially it is the amalgamation of two visits to the same place over two consecutive nights. The reason is simple, the pizza is excellent the second is that we only ordered pizzas the first night and were then too full to order their homemade ice cream! It’s hard 'work' but someone's got to do it.

A few weeks ago I was following the live tweet updates from the Bristol Good Food Awards where Flour and Ash scooped the award for Best Pizza and runner up for Best New Restaurant. As luck would have it a week after the awards I found myself in Bristol and sitting in Flour and Ash. Based near the arches on the bustling Cheltenham Road in Bristol, the industrialesque décor of matte black walls, exposed pipe work, minimal light fittings and stainless steel topped tables is surprisingly inviting but that may have something to do with the fantastic smell coming from the wood burning oven which can be glimpsed roaring away in the kitchen.

The menu is concise we decided to go for the pea and mint dip with feta and nigella seed flat bread (£4.50) to share as a starter. The vibrant green dip sweet from the peas with a real hit of mint and then salty feta was a fresh and delicious start to the meal. The warm flat bread provided excellent transport for the dip. The waitress from the first night gave us a great tip in that there is more dip than flat bread which is cool because you can keep the dip to dunk your pizza crusts into.

Now onto the reason why Flour and Ash won the Best Pizza accolade at the aforementioned awards. We had in total over the two nights a classic Margherita (£8), a aubergine, grand padano, pine nut, basil and mozzarella pizza (£12.50) and finally the vegan no cheese option of capers, sultanas, pinenuts, basil and red onion pizza (£10). 

The first two pizzas where the finest pizzas I have eaten. A lot of this is attributed to the fact that the pizzas are made with a sourdough base which results in a base that is light, fluffy and full of flavour. No stodge here. The toppings screamed of quality and in fact I would be quite content with the basic margherita every time, just delicious. The aubergine pizza too was a great combination of sweet roasted veg, creamy cheese and crunch from the pine nuts. The last pizza however is a shocker. Capers and sultanas should never be on the same dish, ever!

As mentioned we came back on the second night because we had missed out on their ice creams. Delicious homemade ice creams with flavours ranging from dulce de leche to ginger and sorbets ranging from coconut to golden syrup! All displayed on chalk boards hanging from a rail which change regularly. We opted for the classic rum and raisin and dulce de leche ice creams. The rum and raisin ice cream was HEAVY on the rum but that was perfect for me. The real star for us was the dulce de leche ice cream. Essentially a condensed milk ice cream, heaven and diabetes inducing. Loved it.

Although we mainly had soft drink I did sample a cracking Small Beer from Wiper and True. The drinks menu looked pretty awesome too with a great selection of local beers and spirits (the Psychopomp gin made in Bristol looked very interesting). Also the wine specials on chalk boards looked like some cracking choices.

Service was welcoming and informal. A special thank you to 'Patch' for taking some snaps for me of the wood burning oven in action.

Put simply if you like Pizza (and who doesn't) you need to get to Flour and Ash as a matter of urgency. You deserve to taste how good pizza can actually be (apart from the vegan one).

Flour and Ash
Address: 203b Cheltenham Road, Bristol, BS6 5QX
Tel: 0117 9083228
Twitter: @flourandash

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