Sunday, 24 May 2015

Giggling Squid Bristol - Review

Ok so the name is lame but after reading a little bit about it I was intrigued, that and I was lost for new places to have lunch in Clifton. So a couple of weekends ago my dad, my brother and myself went out for a bit of a 'lads who lunch' catch up. Having frequented it in it's previous incarnation (Strada) several times the initial impression made by the austere matte black exterior is not one of welcome. However enter the restaurant and it is a different story, the familiar layout of its predecessor can still be visualised but what it has been replaced with is textured walls of wood cladding and exposed brick, muted earthy colours and wall hangings including a corner decked out in baskets hung decoratively on the wall! 

As mentioned we visited for lunch and decided to try one of their 'tapas sets' on offer. My brother went for the Hungry Squid, I went for the Two Giggling Squids (lame) and my dad who decided he was still too full from a fry up he had for breakfast ordered a papaya salad from the individual tapas section of the lunch menu.

The sets come out on large square plates divided into four parts each with a component of your chosen set and its fair to say the portions are generous and presentation inviting. My brother's set came with chicken Thai green curry, satay chicken, mix veg stir fry and jasmine rice. My brother graciously let me try some of his. It's difficult to be nice about this at all really, no wait the rice was good. My brother's plate of food ranged from bland to searing hot heat with not much in between. The satay was bizarrely quite tasteless, ditto for the veg and the green curry was thin and ridiculously chilli. We're talking top lip perspiration hot. Unlucky him. My fathers papaya salad (no photos sorry) according to him could do with some papaya. 

All was not lost however, my set with the ridiculous name was not bad at all. It came with a beef salad, that was lime fresh with a good kick of chilli. It's a shame the beef was tough. It's not all doom and gloom people, the salt and pepper squid was very good, super crispy coating giving way to tender squid and a sweet and fiery dipping sauce proved to be very moreish. The chicken massaman curry was a delight, well spiced and indulgent. 
Service was typical of most Thai restaurants I have been to, polite and attentive. The entire meal came to £39.66 for all the food including some prawn crackers and 3 soft drinks. I'm glad that my curiosity and need to eat lunch somewhere new took me too Giggling Squid. The verdict is this, I would go back and try the evening menu as the entire lunch experience was not bad, however I think consistency needs to be addressed hence a return visit.

Giggling Squid
Address: 34 Princess Victoria Street, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 4BZ
Tel: 0117 9732543
Twitter: @GigglingSquid

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