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The Breakfast Bar, Pop Up Central?

Last month saw a number of massive announcements on the Cardiff street food and pop up scene, the return of The Depot, Street Food Cardiff's new venture and newcomers Street Food Warehouse. However there is something special happening at a venue in Cardiff that I find very exciting. 
The Breakfast Bar in Canton isn't necessarily the first place you would link with being at the forefront of Cardiff's pop up scene but over the last couple of months this venue has become the go to venue for those wishing to test the waters or simply a venue to showcase what it is they have to offer. Opening it's doors to the public late last year with the aim of providing more variety and quality to the breakfast on the go market. Andrew Griffiths, who owns and runs The Breakfast Bar noted that after his hours of business were up there was a perfectly good venue for people to use in the evenings and that coupled with the escalation of the Cardiff food scene saw the first residents take this opportunity.

The Breakfast Bar during the day

This unassuming venue is a far cry from the high concept and set design of The Depot and Street Food Cardiff venues but what it does provide is a platform and an opportunity for those new or experienced to the food scene.

The Breakfast Bar during POP UP 161

The first to take up residency were the boys from Ffwrnes Pizza and Sunshine Bakery, followed by Pwdin Cart under the umbrella of POP UP 161. By all accounts it has proved to be a great success. I visited a couple of times myself and the transformation from day time cafe to cosy and convivial dining spot was great. A great atmosphere and delicious food. 

Inside the belly of  the beast - Ffwrnes' pizza oven
The success of the above pop up has lead two further new comers to the food scene to announce their take overs of The Breakfast Bar. 

First up this Easter weekend is Macho Nacho, serving up loaded nachos, sorbets and of course tequila! Also rather interestingly beergaritas. The cocktails come courtesy of Two Finger Drinks and the photos they have posted this week have definitely grabbed my attention especially the orange and habanero steak topping! 

Loaded nachos

Orange and habanero steak

The next pop up has generated quite a buzz, Drunken Sailor set to launch on the 25th of April has already made it on to a list drawn up by Wales Online as one of the pop ups that are transforming Cardiff's food scene. The chaps behind Drunken Sailor aim to serve up some damn fine hot dogs and home made waffles all washed down with some carefully selected craft beers.

Waffles topped with strawberries, cream and and Merlyn's Beard Sauce!

Hot dog topped with 'Coney Island Sauce'

In short, I'm glad that there is a venue like The Breakfast Bar providing this opportunity and platform for those wanting to make their mark on Cardiff's ever improving food scene and I for one can't wait to see what happens next.

For more information click on the links below. Also thank you to Drunken Sailor, Macho Nacho and The Breakfast Bar for the photos.

The Breakfast Bar
Twitter: @breakfastbar01

Ffwrness Pizza
Twitter: @ffwrnes

Sunshine Bakery

Pwdin Cart
Twitter: @pwdincart

The Macho Natcho
Twitter: @TheMacho_Nacho

Two Finger Drinks
Twitter: @TwoFingersUK

Drunken Sailor

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